Swimmer swimming in the pool

Fly Kick Focus – 2000m – Advanced

Fly Kick Focus - 2000m - Advanced Focus on our fly kick with this session. This workout will also incorporate some speed work whilst putting the emphasis on fly! Required [...]
Swimming in pool

Quick and Intense IM – 2200m – Expert

Quick and Intense IM - 2200m - Expert Main focus on IM work with a race speed effort before cooldown. This set will work all of the muscles in all [...]
Female athlete swimming in pool

Fast 50’s Stamina – 1900m – Expert

Fast 50's Stamina - 1900m - Expert In this workout, we look to test our anaerobic limits. After a short warmup, we will be looking to get the pace lifted [...]
Front view of professional male swimmer in red cap and goggles in motion and action during training

Quick IM Practice – 1400m – Advanced

Quick IM Practice - 1400m - Advanced For those who want to work on their IM pace. This quick set will take you through the 4 strokes of the IM [...]
Young male swimmer swims the breaststroke in a pool during a swim meet

Breaststroke – 2050m – Advanced

Breaststroke - 2050m - Advanced Focused on breaststroke, with some quick pace front crawl to get the heart rate up. Looking to generate snappy arm and leg kicks with our [...]
Professional male swimmer in swimming cap and goggles in motion and action during training at pool

IM Mashup – 3200m Expert

IM Mashup - 3200m Expert Lets mash it up! We mix up the IM with some intense stroke work and focus on kicking and pull work throughout the session. Required [...]
One male swimmer practicing and training at pool, indoors. Underwater view of swimming movements

Quick and Intense – 2400m – Expert

Quick and Intense - 2400m - Expert This workout is all about a quick, intense workout of 25m lengths. Each length gets 10 seconds of rest before pushing off again. [...]
one swimmer athlete swim butterfly stroke

3200m Let’s Mix it up! – Expert

3200m Let's Mix it up! - ExpertRequired equipment for this session For this workout, we will be working on a bit of everything. All strokes, all equipment, and mixing everything [...]
Professional male swimmer swimming in pool

1750m Increased Distance – Advanced

1750m Increased Distance - Advanced For this workout we are going to be increasing the distance and building stamina before slowing it back down and finishing with a gentle cool [...]
Swimmers doing freestyle in lane

2000m Drill – Advanced Workout

2000m Drill - Advanced This training is a mixture of stroke work and arm work. Overall session time is between 45-60 minutes. Incorporating drill catchup work for both front and [...]