Race Detail Analysis

At Trackaswim, once you have a few races uploaded and saved, the analysis starts to show through. Initially, a graph is shown which gives you a clear visual representation of how you are performing. Below the graph, the raw data is shown so that you can delve even deeper into analysing your times.

Dashboard Graphs

All race analysis is displayed by graph. This is an instant representation of your overall performance. Looking back through the times this can highlight any potential injuries you were carrying or it might just be down to a bad days performance.


Race Information - Raw Data

Behind every graph is data that produces it. We also display this data so that you can get all the information about each race, where it was held and when. Additionally, against each race you have the added ability to upload both pictures and videos for future reference. This can be very helpful if you decide to sit down with your coach and review yoru races. By having the videos easily at hand you can compare any aspect needed and derive a suitable training plan from this.

Race rating - we also allow you to rate each race you do. As a spectator, your parents or coach can only watch the race, whee as you get the feel it. You can review the 5 main areas of your race including the dive, underwater work, stroke, turns and finish. All of these areas can add up to significant time savings if done properly. Use this to add to your training plan so that you yourself have a pan of what you work on.