The Training Dashboard

The training dashboard is the focal point to monitor all of your training activities. See how many hours you have swam each week. See the distance you have swam each week. Monitor the calories burned for these activities. All from the ease of your training dashboard.

With the additional ability to add goals against your times, distance and calories, you can ensure you know just how you are performing each week. Soon, you will be able to monitor this over the month to keep track of a wider range of exercise.

Swim time can be logged very easily with our quick input screen. There are lots of other metrics that can be monitored

  • We monitor the strokes that you swim in training
  • We monitor your average heart rate
  • We monitor your strokes per minute average
  • We monitor your average strokes per length
  • We monitor your average swim speed.

Over time, all of these metrics can be pulled together by your coach and monitored. This will help guide you and your coaches to understand your fitness and performance in much greater details.