About Us

Why we created Track a Swim

Being a swim parent, as many of you reading this will probably know, is a very demanding and challenging job. Not only can it be long days sat poolside for both training and racing, but also in supporting your swimmer.

All of this started after about 18 months of my daughter swimming, we wanted to know just how well she was doing compared to when she started. I had some spreadsheets put together that did the analysis but this seemed hard to maintain. As a programmer, i decided it was about time i started doing things properly.

The creation of ‘Track a Swim‘ came together over a period of time. Looking at what i was doing with spreadsheets and also other scraps of paper and deciding the best way to get a real system to do the analysis at the touch of a button. Being able to see what my daughters times were over a given period, seeing the graphs going up and down really gave me an insight into how well she was doing. With the added pie charts showing her stroke preferences, it really seemed like i had what i needed to start understanding my daughters improvements and also her choice of stroke.

Although we are not coaches (well most of us!) we still have as much responsibility to our children as the coaches. When your child comes over to you after a race asking how she did. When you are in the car on the way home and all she can do is ask you to dissect her race and give her the good and the bad, you cant just always say ‘excellent, well done!’. As much as you want to support your child, sometimes you do have to give them a bit more detail, just leave the technical aspect to the coaches!

It was then that i thought this system i had created was worth giving to all of the other parents who were in the same situation as me.

So, here it is!! I certainly hope you find it as useful as we have as a family. With the help of others providing feedback and giving their opinions, we can really make this system everything it needs to be to support both swimmers and parents alike!

Join us and start analysing your data quickly and easily