The Main Dashboard

The main dashboard is the heart of information for each swimmer. This is where all of the main information is displayed and from here the analysis journey begins. All aspects of the data can be accessed from this one area.

The main dashboard displays lots of great data. Here is a list of what can be seen on the main dashboard.

Positional Finishes for the current year

Positional finishes are available for all swimmers but aimed more at the younger swimmers as for them, it can just be about the medals! This doesn't stop anyone else from using this feature to keep track of where your finishes are throughout the year.

Personal Best Times

Personal bests are the driving force behind swimming with swimmers always striving to achieve better. We track all of your personal bets times whether they are official times of from non licensed meets. Times are broken down into 3 tabs, All PB's, Short course PB's and Long Course PB's, This helps you better understand what times you are achieving for each poo length and displays them quickly and easily.


County Times (UK Only)

All of your times from licensed events in the current time period are checked against the latest county qualifying times issued by each county. Click on the button to get instant visibility of what races you have currently qualified for ,


Stroke Analysis

Knowing what strokes you swim, and how much you swim each one gives insights into the strokes you prefer. This can also help highlight strengths and weakness's and help to develop a structured training course to improve your diversity of strokes.


My Goals

One of the main ways to increase your performance and achieve more is by setting goals. This is true for everything in life. Set goals to help you monitor how close you are to getting your next PB. Work with your coaches to see what a realistic goal is, then go for it!