County Times

For UK swimmers, we will automatically check your times against the current county times for your region. For this, you must be signup with a club and you must have raced in fully licensed events. This makes it very easy for you to know where you are with your current qualifying times. The added bonus is that we do not do this 1 race at a time, we will monitor all of your races and show you exactly how well you are doing.

Anything highlighted in green means that you have a qualifying time. Anything still in white will either mean that your time is outside of the qualifying time currently, or you have not yet swam a race for the stroke and distance this year. Either way, you can clearly see what you need to focus on if you want to qualify for more races.

By knowing what race you have and havent qualified for can help focus your time and energy, especially on up coming races. A lot of meets like to put the long distance races at the start of the sessions. If you have already qualified for these races then, in agreement with your coaches, maybe look at not doing these longer distance races and save your energy and focus for the other races that you need qualifying times for. Remember, work smarter, not harder!