Building goals is the one way to improve your overall performance. Even in life, we should make goals to help improve ourselves as a person.

In Trackaswim, we have created the opportunity to build goals around each stroke you do. This should be your main focus when you attend training, whether that’s land-based training or in the pool. Having a clear focus on what you want to achieve will help you progress further and achieve more.

Being able to set a goal against each stroke will help you bring a lot more focus to what you need to do to improve. We have limited the goals to only be 1 per stroke at any time. Having goals is great, but if yous tart building too many goals around the same thing, you will very quickly become overwhelmed and it may have the adverse affect of what you wanted initially.

To get some focus around what you want to achieve, start by talking to your coaches. Your coaches are the ones that will be able to guide you and advise you on what is both actionable within training sessions and also achievable. Building a goal that is not achievable will overall be demoralising. Small steps – big success!

Individual Goals

Each goal that you set up initially will be focused on improving your times in a specific stroke and distance. We would suggest between 3-5 goals at any one time so that you can out all your effort into achieving your goals.

As part of our goals setup screen, we have included the option of adding 5 steps that will help you focus and achieve your goal. These 5 steps are optional but can be used to remind you of what to work on. As an example, you may realise that your dive is your main focal point for achieving a better time. It may be that you need to keep your head down, or that you need to react quicker to the starting beep. You may decide that ou need to try a different foot position on the blocks.

Use these 5 steps to help guide you to achieve your goals quicker.