What we are working on...

There are many great features already in Trackaswim, however, we haven’t stopped working!

We are constantly working to not only improve what we already have, but we have many amazing features that we will be adding over the coming months. Below we have given a few insights into what will be coming to Trackaswim soon.

Clubs / School / Universities

This is something that we are very passionate about. Being a swimmer can be a very lonely sport. When you are in the pool, its just you and yourself to achieve. Outside of the pool there is a massive support network just waiting to help you.

We have already started work on getting clubs and schools signed up to Trackaswim. For each club that signs up, they will have access to swimmers that associate themselves with that club. This now gives your coaches full access to your stats, goals and achievements. Sitting down with your coach to review your swims from the uploaded media area, or reviewing your races together can help build goals for future progress, but also a training plan to get there.

The same principle will work for schools, colleges and universities. Each school etc will have access to their swimmers so that they can monitor and review each individuals performance, set goals and watch them achieve more.

The benefits of this access:

  • Teachers/Parents have visibility on their child’s progress
  • Parents can get involved a bit more and work with the school to help the swimmers grow
  • Reports can be generated for improvements
  • Awards for achievement given to help motivate
  • Complete visibility of a child’s swimming performance

Training input and tracking

One of the main areas we want to get right is the tacking of training that has been done for each swimmer. This is a vital part of any progress a swimmer will make.

We are working on a system that will record any training, either in the pool or in the gym that will contribute to the swimmers performance. We want to capture dates, duration, activities etc and build these in to the normal race analysis. Improvements will come after hard work and focused training so we want to display this too.

When you are reviewing your times and you see a significant improvement, we don’t want you to be guessing why that improvement has happened. We want to be able to show that in the weeks before your race, you had increased your gym work. Or that you had increased your time in the pool working on your goals. By bringing all of this data together you will get an idea of what you have achieved, as well as why you made that significant improvement.


Parents Forum

We are considering a parents/swimmers forum. There are many great pages around, including Facebook, where swimmers and parents can get together to compare experiences, share knowledge, and generally chat. We would like to offer this to our community of swimmers and parents, however, we do understand that there are numerous outside areas where this is already being done.

Split times

Split times are very important to a swimmer, especially in linger distances. Being able to review each length time gives insight into performance, fitness and stamina. If you stat strong then see that you last few lengths are getting slower and slower then this might indicate that you are getting tired. Being able to see this data means that your focus can change to training and putting in a new fitness regime or stamina training is what you need.

Split time analysis can also give other insights into your performance. Do you like to spend the first few lengths trying to build a lead over your competitors then settle down into a steady pace? Maybe you like to start out steady and leave your strength for the final few lengths to out swim your competition?

By knowing your splits, you can not only analyse your own performance, but you can configure your training program accordingly.


Independent Coach Feedback

Swimming is hard work, especially if you are a swimmer that is not associated with a club or team. This can leave you without the support of a coach or experienced team to help guide and encourage you. We want to bridge this gap and give everyone access to the knowledge that coaches have.

We are currently working with several coaches and clubs to give the coaches the ability to review video footage of swimmers and provide structured feedback and advice. This feedback can come in either a video call, a per-recorded video or simply and email. This would all link into the Trackaswim system and be available at all times to the swimmer so that they can look back, review and get insights from the feedback.

We strongly believe that this is something that will benefit so many swimmers so we want to get this right! We need to ensure that the coaches are not only qualified, but also regulated to allow them to do this kind of work. As soon as we have everything in place we will release this with a strong marketing campaign so that everyone can get access to real advice from real qualified coaches.

If you are a qualified coach and would like to get involved in helping people around the world then please get in touch with us. We would love to add you to our list of qualified coaches and start introducing you to swimmers who need your expertise! Please contact us with all your details ASAP.


Training Plans

We are working hard to bring this option to our swimmers. The ability for many swimmers to have access to a quantified usable training plan is important. We are all capable of putting together a routine that will keep us going up and down the pool for an hour, but is that training really making a difference?

Around the world, coaches, experts, and ex-swimmers are building training programs to help their swimmers improve. We also want to offer the same and give predefined swim training plans that will give focus to an outcome.  If you need to work on leg kicks, then we want to offer you a training program that is focused to this. If you need to work on your catch, we want to offer a training program to do this.

Training plans are important to everyone that wants to get better. We will put these plans together and give you the ability to build a training program that suits you personally.

Non Timed Goals

From the start of Trackaswim, goals were always one of the most important things to have. Being able to know what you want, then plan how to get it is extremely important in everything we do, especially swimming. We have included goals with our system from day 1, but for now this only allows for time improvement goals. This is a great start for any swimmer, but there are soooo many possible goals that we need to expand this to non timed goals too.

Our next step in developing our system is to include non-timed goals. These are also extremely important and will be available shortly.

Some examples of a non-timed goal would be:

  • Ensure I get at least 10m on my underwater work from my starting dive
  • Qualify for at least 8 county times this year
  • Ensure my training attendance is above 80%
  • Get my stroke rate down to 10 per 25m pool on my front crawl

The above goal examples are all non timed goals but are still extremely important. These options will be available soon in the standard members area for each swimmer to utilise along with their coaches and support teams.


Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis has always been a great driving force in any sport. Knowing your adversaries strengths and weaknesses help you to build your own race plan.

Competitor analysis is something that we can put together quickly as we have already worked on it so much. We are at the point where this is with our advisors as with strict data sharing rules around the world, we need to ensure that we don’t break any laws but allowing you to see some one else’s data. After all,  if you can see their data to analyse, then they can also see yours!

We are hoping that this will be confirmed very soon. Once we have this available we will release it and advise everyone of the availability.


We highly encourage partnerships with other companies and organisations. What we do is great, but what others do can also be great. If you are a business or organisation that believes you have something great that you can offer then we would very much like to hear from you. Let us know what you do, how you do it and why you think it would be a great addition to our systems? From there we can arrange a meeting and see if thee is a possibility of teaming up.

Contact us for any opportunities you have.