Unleash Your Potential: Track, Analyse, and Improve Your Swimming Race Times with Trackaswim

Swimmers aiming to improve their performance can be empowered by Trackaswim, our system is dedicated to tracking and analysing swimming race times. Our powerful tool allows users to input their race times, monitor their progress over time, and gain insights into their strengths and weaknesses. Detailed analytics can be provided by our website to help swimmers identify areas for improvement and develop targeted training plans alongside their coaches. By this data-driven approach, not only is understanding of one’s performance enhanced but also realistic goals can be set and achieved in the swimming journey.


Analyse, Track, and Improve

In the world of competitive swimming, every millisecond counts. The difference between a gold medal and a silver can often be measured in fractions of a second. Therefore, it is crucial for swimmers to have a precise understanding of their performance, including their race times. Trackaswim can serve as a powerful tool to track and analyse swimming race times, providing swimmers with valuable insights to help them achieve more.

See all of the information needed to analyse your races to see how your performances are improving over time. Clear, easy to understand analysis.

Swim for a club? By allowing your club access to your profile, your coaches will be able to review with you and provide their feedback to further your training and performances


What we have done.

After many years of watching my daughter race, I could never really tell just how well she was improving! I was keeping spreadsheets and trying to run analysis and spending hours creating graphs. I needed something easier and quicker so i created the Track a Swim system.

Join us and find out how you can quickly and easily get the analysis you need for your swimmers or for yourself!


Simple, Elegant Analysis Dashboard

The first step in improving your swimming performance is understanding your current capabilities. Our website allows you to log your race times and provides a clear picture of your performance over time. By inputting your times after each race, you can create a detailed record of your progress. This data can be visualised in various ways, such as the graphs and charts below, making it easier to identify trends and patterns.

Track PB's

Quickly and easily track PB’s for each stroke from the main dashboard.

Each stroke is displayed separately and each distance category will display the best time achieved over the full period of time that you have been inputting data.

With this information quickly at hand, understanding what your targets are for your next race are easy to check.


Positional Finishes

For a lot of the younger swimmers it may not be apparent just how important the times are.  To help keep them engaged too you are able to see and discuss the finish positions that they have achieved for the current year! From hear you can then lead into the times and tie them together. After all, showing their friends their gold medals is more important than showing them a time!


Join us and start analysing your data quickly and easily


Analyse your race data visually

Being able to quickly and effortlessly visualise your performances is important. Looking at times alone will not give you the boost that you need. Representing these times in a simple graph shows just how improvements have happened, sometimes without even realising.

Analysis is almost the most important part of any successful performance. When reviewing these graphs it may indicate that your performances have stagnated a bit or maybe slightly declined. By visually being able to see this you can now review your training, and with your coaches, work on the next stages of improvement.

Backed up with raw data

All of this graphical data is backed up by the raw data so that you can easily see what races and what locations gave you your best performances.

All together, this data will help you know what areas you need to strengthen and work on with your coahces.


Join us and start analysing your data quickly and easily

Which Strokes?

Being able to have a breakdown of favored strokes can be highly beneficial for training purposes. By identifying which strokes are excelled at and which ones need improvement, training routines can be effectively prioritized and structured. This knowledge allows weaknesses to be strategically focused on and strengths to be further enhanced. With a clear understanding of strengths and weaknesses, a comprehensive training plan that targets specific areas for improvement can be created. By organizing weekly routines based on this breakdown, training time and efforts can be optimized, ultimately leading to better overall performance in the chosen sport or activity.improved performance in the pool.

We are dedicated to tracking and analysing swimming race times. Our invaluable tool is for any competitive swimmer at any level. By providing a clear picture of your performance, offering advanced analytical tools, helping you set achievable goals, and connecting you with a community of swimmers, it can help you take your performance to the next level. So, if you’re serious about improving your swimming, it’s time to dive into the world of digital tracking and analysis.