Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find some of the most commonly asked questions. If for any reason your question is not answered here, please contact us to request further help.

How will this help me swim better?

Swim training is made up of 3 areas. In the pool to learn your technique. In the gym to generate strength and stamina and maintain the high levels of fitness that a swimmer needs. The 3rd area is the analysis. Without the analysis and the knowledge, you won’t necessarily know what you need to work on for your technique and gym work. Use the analysed data to develop a training regime with your coach to work on the strokes and the areas that you need to improve on.

Where does the data come from?

For UK swimmers, the data is used from your licensed races that you have done throughout the year. These times are imported automatically and analysed. You have the ability to add any other times that you wish to be considered for the analysis.

For non UK swimmers, times are entered manually. We are looking to team up with other organisations around the world so that we can import the times automatically.

Why arent the positions updated automatically?

It is very difficult for the positions to be updated with accuracy with only the race times that are submitted. We have run several scenarios where we look to do this automatically however due to some meets having different entry criteria, age groups are not always the same from race to race. These can be entered very quickly and easily if you want to keep track of the positions you have achieved.

How long does it take to enter my times manually?

We have done our best to simplify the input of your times manually. We have designed the screen to be flowing and where possible we have provided simple drop downs to help with the input. To fill out all 10 rows with race data takes as little as a few minutes. These few minutes may end up being the reason you take seconds off your time once you have analysed the output fully. Its well worth it in the long run.

Why are there 2 pie charts on my profile?

We display 2 pie charts so that you can easily and quickly analyses your current year stroke breakdown compared to your all time breakdown. As teenagers especially get older they look to specialise in a single stroke. Sometimes its not always the stroke that has always been swam over the years.

Why am i only seeing 1 pie chart?

At the turn of the year, you may only see your all time pie chart. Until you start swimming races in that calendar year, there is no data to analyse.

My persoanl best time isnt used for county qualifying?

It may be that your personal best time wasn’t obtained in a licensed meet? With alot of swimmers also swimming in school competitions or other league competitions it could be that you PB comes from outside of a licensed event. This will be your personal best, however it cannot be used for county qualifying.

The other possibility is that your PB was not obtained in the year required for county qualifying.

Do i have to enter a rating for each race?

No, you don’t have to update your ratings. This is purely for your personal use. Some people like to get together with their coaches and analyse the different race areas. This is why we have broken these out into The dive, underwater work, stroke, turns and finish. Each important area that can cost you valuable seconds if you get it wrong can be reviewed and rated individually. This helps to generate ideas of what needs to be worked on in training and can also lead to goals being created to enable improvement.

I disagree with a time, can i simply update it?

If you are a UK swimmer and your times are being imported automatically then the first thing you should do is discuss this with your coach or club? Although you can change it in our system if it is wrong, this will not change it elsewhere for offiicial use. We have enabled the options to update times manually but this should be done with caution as it will only affect the standard of the analysis if it is incorrectly used.